Mindful Evolution: A Cut Above

At Mindful Evolution we are all about changing how your look and feel on the inside and out. We are a boutique salon and serve a smaller number of clients at any given time. Unlike the big guys who use a factory-approach to your needs, our approach allows us to address and meet the needs of each of our clients individually. This results in a better experience, better service, more competitive pricing and more flexible hours.

Experience Makes a Difference

Mindful Evolution has been in business for over 17 years and has experience in the hair industry for over 30. During that time there have been numerous changes within the industry and while we have kept up with ever-changing technology and products, our philosophy has remained the same; A conservative, yet natural approach to hair loss is top priority for our clients.

As with any hair service, results will vary for each individual, but you can expect hair to look healthier, fuller and thicker.

What Makes Us Unique?

Professional & Experienced Artistry

Our skilled hair stylists and hair restoration experts work together to provide you with natural and professional-looking hair that expresses who you are.

Prioritizing Clients Needs

We believe that clients always come first and that’s why it’s all about you from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave.

Organic Hair Color

Ditch the harsh chemical dyes that can leave your hair damaged. We offer professional hair coloring with organic hair dyes.

Natural/holistic Hair Loss Solutions

We believe in the treatment and restoration of hair loss with natural and holistic solutions.

Modern, Younger Looking Hairstyle

Our staff keeps up-to-date with the latest trends and styles and can help you achieve the look that works best for you.


Our licensed acupuncturist will be glad to go over available treatments for your needs.

Healthier, Fuller, Thicker Hair

Multiple hair restoration options allow us to best tailor a thinning hair solution that best fits your unique needs and hairline.

Client Confidence

Self confidence starts with feeling better about how you look and how other’s see you. Our solutions will help you regain your confidence.

Training & Certifications

We remain experts in our field by ensuring that our staff keeps up-to-date with the latest hair restoration techniques and certifications.

30+ Years Experience

Our professional hair experts have over 30 years experience in hair styling and hair restoration.

Personalized Time

We know you’re busy; that’s why we offer flexible hours to work around your schedule.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Client satisfaction is not only our top priority, we guarantee it!

Men's Services

Men’s hair loss treatments are constantly evolving and changing. Our experts stay on top of the latest proven techniques to provide the best possible results.

Woman's Services

When it comes to hair loss, women treatments differ greatly from men. Our experts are highly experienced in these specialized needs.

Transgender Hair Restoration

Transgender hair restoration can be complicated. Our experienced staff will help find a hair loss solution and hair style that works for you.

Compassionate Staff

Losing your hair can be embarrassing as can seeking a treatment. Our staff understands this and goes out of their way to ensure you feel great.

Private North Shore Studio

We’re conveniently located in North Shore and because we know that thinning hair can be embarrassing, you will enjoy the privacy our studio offers.

Ready To Experience The Mindful Evolution Difference?

Here's What You'll Get With During Your Free Consultation

  • No obligation
  • Computer analysis
  • Industry knowledge
  • Honest recommendations
  • Discrete professionalism
  • Scalp condition
  • Follicle condition
  • Hair loss prevention
  • Individualized treatment
  • Prioritized Privacy
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